Toyota Brake Pads

Experience in brake pads replacement for Toyota models including Alphard, Estima, Vellfire, and Hilux

Brake pads are the metal pieces that are attached to the brake rotor and help in slowing down a vehicle. Brakes work on friction, which is generated by the pads rubbing against the drum when they’re used.

Brake pad wears out over time and needs to be replaced. When the pads are worn out, there are usually signs of uneven braking and vibration.

Worn brake pad will make your car shake during braking. The shaking is caused by uneven braking which can lead to a dangerous situation if it is not fixed in time.

If you are having braking issues and think you might have worn brake pads, here are some signs that your brake pads need to be replaced:

Here are a few common signs that you have a failing:

  • A squealing noise coming from the brakes when braking
  • Braking is hard on wet roads
  • Brake pedal feels spongy or loose

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