Toyota VCT Fluid and Filter

Experience in CVT Fluid and Filter Service for Toyota models including Alphard, Estima, Vellfire, and Hilux

Transmission fluid is a lubricant that helps the transmission to shift smoothly and efficiently. It is the liquid that is used to lubricate and cool a transmission. It also helps the transmission to shift gears. Transmission fluid is just like engine oil, and it needs to be changed every so often. This is because the transmission fluid lubricates the gears and bearings of the transmission. The fluid is recommended to change every 50,000-100,000 km depending on how often it has been driven.

Transmission fluid doesn’t last forever. It starts to get dirty and the fluid won’t lubricate the gears as well as it used to. If your transmission fluid looks dark brown or blackened, you may want to have your transmission fluid changed.

There are a few other signs you need new transmission fluid including:

  • If you have a clunking noise when shifting gears.
  • If your vehicle starts to shake or vibrate when driving or idling.
  • If you have been slipping gears while driving,
  • If you have experienced an unexpected surge in power during acceleration or deceleration.

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